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Welcome to Wild Child Farms

We’re Terry & Audra. Together with our five daughters (you read that right, FIVE girls between the ages of 11 and 6) and our dog Paddington, we’re the hands behind Wild Child Farms.

Terry has a passion of all things sustainable, permaculture, and homesteading. As an Eagle Scout, he gained a love of nature and learning survivalist skills. Terry has a degree in mechanical engineering and you’ll see it used well in our many projects around the property. He works full time as a construction manager in the energy field. In his spare time, Terry is an avid craft beer fan and spends most of his evenings hanging with his best pal, our almost one-year-old labradoodle named Paddington.

Audra is the only one of us with any sort of farming background. From the Central Valley of California, she grew up with orange groves, cattle, horses and lots of fruit trees. Audra is our resident academic, holding degrees in religion, history, and Master’s Degree in Community Engagement and Education. She works full-time as the Executive Director of an area non-profit. Audra loves all things homemade—be it bread, jam, body wash, laundry detergent or anything in between. She is fiercely devoted to raising our five girls to be strong, independent forces to be reckoned with.

We weren't lifelong farmers. Audra grew up on a hobby farm in central California while Terry was a city boy from West Allis, Wisconsin. However, we both wanted to provide our family (and yours!) with nutrient dense food grow in a way that was not only sustainable but helpful for the health of our land. We left the suburbs almost two years ago, and we've loved the dirt under our nails, the kids learning about things like compost tea and cover crops, and families sharing how much they loved their food we've helped to supply them. We see our customers as part of our families--we love engaging with you all as we navigate the never ending roller coaster ride of farm life.

We both also work full time off the farm! While our lives are hectic and a tad chaotic, we love sharing the simple pleasures of farm life with you all--be it a quick snap of our ducks on the pond or a video of our newest farm arrivals settling in nicely.

Audra tends to be the big picture visionary—she also handles our marketing, advertising, social media, purchasing and sales. Terry is the implementation department, making the vision a reality. Realizing the need for both, we’ve come up with a way that uses both of our strengths and skills to produce the highest quality food for our family and yours. We are thrilled to share this journey with you all--the highs, lows, and everything in between. Thank you for supporting family farms, and if you gain anything from following our journey we hope it is a deeper connection to food you consume and the land we are stewards of.

Welcome to Wild Child Farms!

Much love,

Terry, Audra, Rory, Isabella, Emma, Molly, Norah and Paddington


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