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Thank you for supporting our

nutritionally dense food mission.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Wild Child Farms is a family owned and operated farm, committed to providing a rich diversity of high quality, nutrient dense foods to promote sustainable living and happy families.


For several years before we met, we separately had the same idea—a small farm that could provide a life for our children and ourselves to help us not only enjoy wholesome, healthy food, but to also connect to our land and food in a way lacking for many people these days. When we met, we knew it was time to make that leap and so in 2018, we purchased a piece of property that had not been farmed, but had the potential to be a great one. Starting with a small flock of egg laying hens and tons of plans, Wild Child Farms was born.

Our goal is a simple one: to provide our family and those of our customers with nutrient dense food while taking care of our land as it takes care of us. We sit around the table each night with our five daughters and enjoy the experience of slowing down, savoring, and creating lasting memories and bonds. Our girls connect to our food because often times, they’re the ones that collected those eggs we’re eating or fed that chicken. While not all of us can grow the food we consume, our customers take pride in supporting local farmers who in turn support the land and care for the animals in a sustainable way.


We want your meals to bring your family health, happiness, and love fresh from the farm.


Thank you for choosing Wild Child Farms.


Terry, Audra, Rory, Isabella, Emma, Molly, Norah and Paddington

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