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  • Where is the farm located?
    W279S4813 Saylesville Rd, Waukesha, WI 53189, USA
  • How can we contact you?
  • What does pastured poultry mean?
    Pastured poultry means the birds are given access to a fresh patch of pasture every day. The birds are housed in tractors to protect them from predators where they have access to feed and water. The meat birds and turkeys are run on pasture from 2.5 weeks of age till their processing date. Laying hens are run on pasture from approximately mid-May to mid-October, basically when night time temperatures don’t fall below 35F. The access to fresh pasture enables the birds to catch their own bugs, and each some fresh greens which helps to boost the nutrient density of the eggs and meat. Also, because they are moved every day they are helping to mow down the pasture and fertilize it, helping us to build up the health of the soil on the farm.
  • Are your eggs washed?
    Yes, our eggs are washed and then immediately dried and put into cartons in the refrigerator. Having the hens on pasture leads to opportunities for them to be less careful on where they lay their eggs leading to dirtier eggs. Also, this is a requirement from the State of Wisconsin.
  • What are stewing hens?
    Stewing hens are hens that are three years old and have significantly slowed down in their laying. They are tougher and smaller birds and are best used for soups and stews, cooked low and slow to tenderize their tougher meat. We process stewing hens once a year with the spring run of meat birds.
  • Where are the birds processed?
    The birds are all processed at Twin Cities Pack in Clinton, WI. They are a USDA and state inspected facility allowing us to sell across state lines, and ensuring a high quality finished product for our customers.
Image by Markus Spiske
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