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Weekly Update

It's been another great week here at Wild Child Farms and some great weather too. We could use some rain but as I understand it, everyone could and it looks like we could get some this coming week. This week Audra finished up the elderberry jam and is preparing for her famous Christmas jam. The kids are back in school and its full steam ahead for them. Paddington continues to be Paddington and even with a shorter hair cut, continues to find all the remaining burrs on the farm. The turkeys are continuing to grow and we had to split them up as they're growing a bit faster than anticipated with the wonderful weather we've been having.

Last but not least we completed the rebuild of the woodshed that was blown over this spring. We reused most of the existing structure but had to replace some lumber and steel panels. Luckily, my pack rat instincts were correct and I was able to use a good portion of my "just in case" stash of "useful stuff". We were also able to trade some chickens for the lumber that we didn't have with some friends down the road.

Overall it was a great week and I hope everyone has a good one this week as well.

Rebuilt, better than ever.

The original mess.

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