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One of our favorite "leftover" recipes is crockpot tacos. These can be made with leftover chicken, turkey, or even steak. We rarely have leftover steak so we will focus on chicken and turkey. Whichever meat you chose, the process is the same. Feel free to experiment as you can't really do tacos wrong.


1-2 lbs leftover Wild Child Farms turkey or chicken

1 can of beer (my preferred cooking beer is Miller High Life)

2-3 tbsp of your favorite taco seasoning (we use Spice Island)

1-2 cups water

Flour or corn tortillas

1. Place your chicken or turkey in the crockpot, add the beer and enough water to completely cover the meat. The meat doesn't have to be shredded, that comes later.

2. Sprinkle the taco seasoning over the meat and liquid and turn the crockpot onto low and let it sit for at least 4 hours, longer is better.

3. At 4 hours give it a stir and shred the larger chunks. It's now ready or you can wait till everyone is hungry

4. Make your tacos and enjoy!

NOTE: you can add dried chile peppers or jalapenos to the mix to add a kick to the meat. You can also skip adding the beer and just use water, they turn out amazing either way.

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